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Chinese Energetics Home Study Course
What you're about to learn may shock you... and make you realize how much money you've lost on all the garbage scams, over the counter medicines and harmful prescription drugs!

I'm sure you've seen fictional movies where some old martial arts master or mystic guru has the power to heal someone within minutes or even seconds...

I bet you've even heard of some of the latest 'healing' techniques like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), or Energy Medicine...

There are tons of methods and techniques out there now to help people heal themselves... and some of them work, but most are somewhat limited and fall short on delivering the bold results being promised.

But every now and again something comes along that turns the world upside-down on its head...

Something that:
  • Defies all logic, yet can be easily demonstrated to exist... (and reproduced)
  • ​Obliterates all known limits, and bursts through every boundary...
  • Forces you to see your worldview in a whole new way...
I'm talking about a truly revolutionary approach to healing and self development.
Rather than spend hours trying to explain how this works, you can watch it being demonstrated and taught to a private classroom of students in one of our recorded private training sessions...
"Her Back Pain Is Healed Naturally..."
If You Think That's Amazing... Check Out These Students Who Were Instantly Corrected And Healed In Minutes!
"Dental Pain Naturally Vanishes!"
"Neck Tension is Instantly Eliminated"
"Fear Of Flying Dissolved In A Few Moments!"
"Near-Instant Relief from Long Standing Sinus Allergies!"
"Pressure In The Chest... GONE!"
"Sore Throat Corrected In Minutes!"
"Back, Shoulder And Neck Pain Erased!"
"Sciatic Back Pain Destroyed!"
"Fatigue And  Muscle Pain SOLVED!"
"Attraction Blockages REMOVED!"
"Fears Of Weight Loss Failure VANQUISHED!"
"Tension & Stress CONQUERED!"
How Would You Like To Master This Ability?
As crazy as it sounds, this is a real method. And really does work amazingly well.

Sure, I've had a lot of practice mastering the method and incorporate a few other healing techniques into my development practice... so my level of accuracy and ability is going to be greater than yours when you're just learning the basics... 

But make no mistake, just follow along with the students in my private coaching teleclass and do exactly what the clients are instructed to do in the recordings. 

*** You WILL be doing the method and practicing it over and over, on yourself... and then on others! 

Here are the full details...
Learn And Master "Chinese Energetics™ With This In-Depth Home Study Course For An Easy Step-By-Step Process To Experience A Measurable Transformation Of Any Pain Or Problem In Minutes!
Here's a taste of what you'll learn in the Chinese Energetics™ Home Study Course:
  • At Level 1: Fundamentals of the Home Study Course, you will learn an easy step-by-step process on how to do the basics for correcting Emotional and Physical Issues.
  • You'll learn the 5 categories of weaknesses and how to apply them for energetic corrections, including simple shortcuts to get even faster results for pain and stress relief.
  • Follow along through several real-world examples of how Chinese Energetics™ works. This will give you understanding on how to apply it to yourself and others...
  • At Level 2, you will get different perspectives to understand the basics, and then you'll go even further down the rabbit hole into Advanced Energetics to make physical changes (with multiple case-studies)
  •  You will also receive 3 Hours of bonus material from LIVE Private Coaching Sessions, where you can gain an even better understanding of the entire Chinese Energetics™ system of self healing and development.
What's included in the complete Home Study Course:
Level 1: Fundamentals
(4 Hours of Recorded Material)
This introduction class is to learn the basics of Chinese Energetics™, one of the most cutting-edge energetic methods ever discovered for self-healing, regeneration, and accelerated performance.

For thousands of years, the Shaolin monks practiced martial arts to improve their personal well-being and their connection with mind, body, and Spirit. 

This method of Energetics comes directly from the Shaolin monastery of China...


 01. Benefits and Applications of Chinese Energetics™ 
 02. Principle of the Midline
 03. How to Feel Strong & Weak? Exercise 1: Standing Pose
 04. How to Feel Strong & Weak? Exercise 2: Visualize Mental Objects
 05. How to Feel Strong & Weak? Exercise 3: Tongue Exercise
 06. How to Feel Strong & Weak? Exercise 4: Combine All Exercises
 07. The 5 Categories of Energetic Weaknesses
 08. The Unknown Category of Energetic Weaknesses
 09. Making Energetic Corrections using 5 Categories (Fear of Driving Example)
 10. Deleting Effects of a Cause - Cause/Effect Model (Anxiety in Heart Example)
 11. 5 Categories Shortcut for Deleting Causes (Car Accident Example)
 12. Deleting Associations Shortcut (Driving Example Continued)
 13. Energizing a Thought/Intention using Midline
 14. Example: Correcting Husband to help his Wife with Physical Pain
 15. Example: Correcting to Be Neutral to work on other People
 16. What to do if Blockages are not moving?
 17. Example: Correcting for not having Expectations & Feeling Safe
 18. Example: Son Being in a Neutral State with Mother
 19. Example: Meta-Questions & Being Neutral when Correcting People
 20. Quick Recap
 21. Example: Feeling Neutral to Family being Critical of doing Energy Work
 22. Example: Feeling Neutral about Expectations of Making Corrections
 23. Example: Feeling Neutral about Not Knowing what to do
 24. Example: Feeling Neutral about Correcting a Person down to Zero
 25. Correcting using Specific Corrections, Specific Intuition, and Shortcuts
 26. Example: Neutralize Woman W/ Driving (Using All Methods to Correct)
 27. Example: Neutralize Woman W/ Accident (Using All Methods to Correct)
 28. Example: Making Progress in Areas of Life, Job, Neutralize Setbacks
 29. Example: Being Neutral W/ Family Reunions
 30. Conclusion and Moving Forward
Level 2: Physical And Molecular Corrections
(3 Hours of Advanced Training Material)
This is advanced material recorded from private coaching sessions. At this level, you will learn how to make physical corrections to affect organs, molecules, atoms and quantum particles...


  01. The 5 Categories that Cause Energetic Weaknesses. 
  02. How to Feel for Strong. (Exercises)
  03. How to Make Energetic Corrections using the 5 Categories.
  04. How to Make Energetic Correction for Others.
  05. Cause & Effect Shortcut Technique.
  06.Correct for Distress of a Sick Pet. (Case Study)
  07. Correct for being Neutral to not Getting Results. (Case Study)
  08. Correct to be Neutral for Failing to Follow Rules. (Case Study)
  09. Correct for Attachment to Food to Help with Weight Loss. (Case Study)
  10. Delete The Effects Correction Shortcut.
  11. Removing Energetic Attachments to Animals. (Case Study)
  12. Removing Energetic Attachments to People. (Case Study)
  13. Removing Energetic Attachments to World Violence, Feeling Peaceful. (Case Study)
  14. Being Neutral to Mortality of Self and Family. (Case Study)
  15. How to Make Corrections to Remove Blockages that are not Moving/Shifting?
  16. Strengthening your Organs; Physical/Structural Corrections.
  17.Strengthening your Molecules, Atoms, and Quantum Particles.
  18. Strengthening your Cells: Cellular (cytoplasm, Mitochondria) Corrections.
  19. Strengthen Stomach, Heart, & Lymphatic System.
  20. Increase Efficiency of Breaking down Cellular Waste
  21. Strengthening your Eyes.
  22. Healing Knee of Person's Mother. (Case Study)
  23. 2 Point Weaknesses; More on Structural Corrections.
  24. More on Healing Physical and Emotional Issues of  Person's Mother. (Case Study)
That's Nearly 7 FULL Hours Of Energetics Training!
People gladly pay thousands of dollars for this kind of life-changing, self empowering information and cutting-edge training on the ancient secrets of Chinese Energetics...

However, I strongly believe in delivering results that are cost-effective and only to those who are serious about improving their lives by using these energetic methods. 

So instead of a hefty $2,997 price-tag, or $1,497... or even $997 you can get lifetime access to the Chinese Energetics™ Home Study Course for a reasonable, respectfully low one-time upgrade of just $97 for this entire training system in a convenient, download-ready audio program.

You risk nothing, because you have a full 30 days to decide if this works for you... and if it doesn't, you get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose. This ability has been a fantasy for all but a very select few -- only the most dedicated spiritual masters and martial arts mavens -- but through this page only, you can get private access to the only Home Study Course for Chinese Energetics™ for a one-time $997 $97. (limited-time only)
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Chinese Energetics Home Study Course
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