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Would you like to learn bleeding-edge energetic technology — entirely different from what you have learned in other energy healing workshops or courses?

This could be the missing piece for success in any field – and for eliminating pain; physical, emotional, mental and even subconscious trauma you're not even consciously aware of. .. (but it runs your life!)

This incredible VIDEO Training Package clearly illustrates specific awareness-shifting exercises that will bring you closer to the state of oneness... of absolute power... of neutrality. When you deepen your experience and understanding of this awareness of being neutral, self-healing occurs naturally and rapidly. 

This exclusive training system consists of about 6 hours of intensive video recordings from Paul Wong’s recent live training events featuring the fundamentals of the Art of Neutrality... and even includes a brand new program never before seen in public, called The Magic of Inner Zen.

You'll be able to grasp and understand the experience on a DEEP level from the comfort of your home. Watch and learn as this unique group of participants go through a complete transformation before your eyes, by doing energetic corrections to release ALL their stress from the past and present!
What Is The Art Of Neutrality?
Neutrality literally means to be without any attachments or "conditioning."

It has nothing to do with apathy.

Your ultimate happiness and peace should never depend on a narrow set of circumstances but instead, should remain strong and unmovable regardless of the situation!

The Art of Neutrality accelerates your progress at quantum levels to master the Self.

When the mind is completely neutral without attachment, you experience pure bliss... tranquility beyond measure... emptiness... a silent stillness you've never known before... calmness under any circumstance... love and peace.

Instead of being influenced by your past thoughts, emotions and habits... you transcend into the most natural state that exists... see things from a whole new perspective. And this changes you from the core of your being.
What Are The Benefits Of Neutrality?
  •  Relieves aches & pains fast without medication
  •  Clears mental and emotional stress faster than any other known method 
  •  Regenerates and rejuvenates your body, mind, and spirit naturally 
  •  Improves your relationships (love, family and friendships) dramatically! 
  •  Increases your job performance, athletics, skills and talents, etc...
  •  Grants peace of mind, promotes inner-awakening 
  •  Enhances your natural intuitive abilities to superhuman heights 
  •  Frees up your creativity for better problem solving, decision making and actions!
Examples Of How Neutrality Can Help No Matter What Field You're In
  •  For holistic practitioners, (i.e. naturopathy, massage, reiki etc.) it greatly assists in connecting with your intuitive abilities to determine what the issues are with your clients and how you can best help them to solve it...
  •  Doctors and nurses can sometimes take on massive stresses from their patients with no way of clearing it out, so they live the rest of their lives energetically influenced by their patients' problems are resolved within minutes...
  •  Athletes can get emotionally charged when their team is down a few points or they can become irritated and temporarily lose focus of the end result they need to accomplish, weakening their peak performance. Neutrality is the answer!
What You Will Learn Inside The Art of Neutrality Video Course:
  •  Cutting-edge Awareness Techniques that provide instantaneous changes, shifts and verifiable results!
  •  The various categories of energy imbalances, and how to reverse each and every one of them 
  •  How to develop your intuition like a Qigong Master to locate energetic imbalances within people, places and even physical objects that contain residual energy from previous owners!
  •  How to confidently remove and correct energetic imbalances from any past, present or even future situations or circumstances to achieve what can only be called...
The Magic Of Inner Zen (Advanced Video Course)
After learning the Art of Neutrality in the first video course, you'll be mentally and psychologically prepared for the most advanced training on energetics in existence today, called... "Inner Zen."

This video course takes the experience to an even deeper level than ever before, and teaches neutrality towards both negative AND positive attachments. You'll be shocked and amazed to discover the underlying issues buried DEEP within even your most favored attachments (such as favorite foods, people, places, etc.)

Profound states of release and awakening are experienced within Inner Zen, which transforms these under-currents of energy into much greater potential for creative solutions to all of life's challenges!

Throughout Inner Zen, students do self-exploration, learning to neutralize their deepest-rooted attachments to beliefs that are simply no longer true -- long-standing attachments to personal values and success in their relationships, career and overall life are almost instantly removed and replaced with the pure clarity of internal bliss.

This of course allows for a much greater sense of open-ness and receptivity to achieve astounding new levels of consciousness, understandings and perspectives. 

Lives are transformed, healed and renewed through Inner Zen.

By the end of the advanced video training, you'll experience a profound sense of balance and tranquility, equipped with renewed purpose and clarity to deal with whatever life throws at you from a state of strength and power.

The Art of Neutrality combined with Inner Zen propels the willing student on an unforgettable journey that accelerates their evolution and produces genuine feelings of infinite, unconditional love and a true awakening experience.
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