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“We’re Creating ​1,000​ Six-Figure Inspired Warriors And ​100 Enlightened Millionaires... ​Do You Have What It Takes​ To Be Among Them?”
Superhero Ninja Warrior Masterclass begins at Level 1, with a six-week intensive program on sub-nuclear reality and rapid wealth creation, and goes up to Level 4: The Enlightened Millionaire Mastermind Inner-Circle, where we join forces with you to develop your entire business funnel, while you focus on personal transformation and growth.
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If we both enjoy the orientation and agree that we’re a good match to work together, you’ll have an opportunity to reserve your spot for the six-week, Superhero Ninja Warrior Masterclass, join our Inspired Six-Figure Warrior Bootcamp, attend our Enlightened Millionaire Intensive, or upgrade to join forces with the Enlightened Millionaire Mastermind.

To see if you qualify (and at which level) you must fill out an application form. 

We only accept the best clients we attract, who are aligned with our vision, who are willing to go beyond the veil and evolve their consciousness to experience rapid growth, increasing prosperity levels and infinite, boundless abundance.

If you’re not sure if this is right for you, then please don’t apply. 

If you’re willing and ready to roll up your sleeves and take no prisoners with the best possible shortcut to self mastery and financial prosperity, then fill out the form. 
"$1.5 Million in 7 Days..."
"I consider Jason Mangrum to be among the top three copywriters on the net. Every sales letter, ad or email he's written for me has made me a fortune (Including $1.5 million in 7 days.) I would recommend his services for anyone who's serious about turning their prospects into buyers."
-Mike Filsaime, 7 Figure Entrepreneur

"$1.6 Million in Just A Few Days..." 
"Jason did our launch campaign for our Marketing Main Event III, and I was stunned with the results - we did over $1.6 million dollars in just a few days."
-Jeremy Gislason, 7 Figure Entrepreneur

"Hit #1 on Amazon Twice -- Beating Harry Potter AND Hillary Clinton..." 
"Heads up! Jason Mangrum is a marketing genius! I've been lucky enough to have him create a few sites for me and the results made my eyes pop out of my head. We hit #1 on Amazon twice -- beating Harry Potter AND Hillary Clinton. Hits came in to such a large degree, it felt like a stampede hit my site -- 30,000 in ONE day! Listen to Jason. Hire Jason. I did and I do."
-Dr. Joe Vitale, Bestselling Author & Enlightened Millionaire
Enlightened Millionaire Mentorship: Level 1-4

Enlightened Millionaire Mentorship Lvl1: Superhero Ninja Warrior Masterclass - A workbook-style Masterclass for six-weeks of mentorship w/ business & personal development techniques and methods to reach $10k+ per month within 6 weeks.

Enlightened Millionaire Mentorship Lvl2: Inspired Six-Figure Warrior Bootcamp - A unique mentoring experience for consultants who want to reach the next level by integrating their own high-ticket coaching program to increase wealth and prosperity through results-driven goal crushing to six-figures! 

Enlightened Millionaire Mentorship Lvl3: Enlightened Millionaire Intensive - Personalized mentoring for meeting specific goals for both business owners and their team to maximize productivity w/ cutting-edge personal development and unique business growth acceleration strategies for reaching 7-figures or higher.

Enlightened Millionaire Mentorship Lvl4: Enlightened Millionaire Mastermind Inner-Circle - At the highest level, you'll enter our "Inner-Circle" where we'll join forces with your company to create 7-figure profit windfalls utilizing our rapid growth acceleration strategies and "done for you" systems and services!
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